Prehistory Party 2010 program

Program – Prehistory party (9th edition, 2010)
August, 6th and 7th,  2010

Parallel activities
-Exhibition: From the 15th of July to the 21st of August in Pazo de Mos: “Cave art, the petroglyphs in the paper”, pictures from Manuel Ledo (expert in archeology and prehistory and A.C Festa da Prehistoria member.

-Trip: Sunday, the 18th of July. Louredo’s Petroglyphs route.
Departure at 10am from Pazo de Mos -Capela de San Gregorio- Pedra das Cruces – Salgueiron petroglyph – Alfacuca (abandoned village under recovery) – San Antoiño petroglyph. Trip ends at about 13:30.

Second weekend of august:
Friday, August the 6th:
-Regression day: The tribes will be arriving to Penacova village during the day.

-21:00 : Short films from the Prehistory screening and percussion and brass music.

Saturday, August the 7th (main day):
Workshops: Stone tools, techniques to light a fire, body painting, bread making, prehistoric fashion for those who arrive without clothes.
Demonstrations: Archery and slingshot.
Exhibition “Humour and cave art”: Display of prehistoric comic art from country’s artists (with special collaboration from “Retranca” magazine.
Puppets: The company “Tanxarina” presents their new show “Troglodita”.
Gastronomy: Cooked meat, octopus and different types of roast meat.

Attack in the cave: Battle between the participant tribes in Penedo da Pucha. After the battle, the shaman Tatán will greet and welcome the tribes, exchange gifts and tell us messages from the spirits.
Olympic games between the tribes and relay race “Looking for fire”
Building of a Megalithic Monument: Lifting of the menhir. Will we be able to move a 2000kg stone? And put it up right? Don’t let anyone tell it to you, come to see it!

Invocation of the spirits from the Penacova dolmen.
Concerts of:
Pesledán, O sonoro maxín, FalperrysCartel grande da Festa 2010


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